Private Label

Private Custom Labels

Launch a custom wine brand, create a special and memorable label for your wedding or birthday, give a unique corporate gift to all you clients, or just have fun making your own personal bottles of wine. The Eristavi Winery Private Label Program is an excellent way for you to make your own wine and whether you are ordering 10 cases or 100 cases or any number in between we will work directly with you to pick the perfect wine and label unique to you and the occasion.


The way the service works is relatively simple. Our Master Vintner Victor Eristavi will first meet with you and together you to talk about what wines and what particular taste you are looking for. Through his industry resources, Victor will compile the best wines that match your particular requests and your taste profile and you will sample and select what you love the most. Then, you choose whether to age or bottle your wines right away. Before bottling, our Creative Director Lia Eristavi will work with you to select bottles, corks, and capsules while assisting you in the design of your very own labels. Once the bottles and corks are selected and the labels are made, we will bottle the wine and it will be yours to share and enjoy (and even brag about) with friends, family, co-workers, and clients. 

If you are interested in our Private Label Program please fill out our inquiry form and we will reach out to you to answer your questions and talk about wine.

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