Picking the Right Wine Decanter

Usually, oxygen and wine are anxiously separated as to protect the sweet juice of the Gods from spoiling. Nevertheless, there is a magnificent point in the wine’s exposure to air and the world that transforms it, allowing it to blossom into a product more wholesome, delicious, and ever so much more desirable. To strike the right balance we utilize two tools, mostly at home, to get the perfect aeration.

The Gemini Wine Decanter

Found on, we use this bad boy at parties and dinners for our reds like the 2009 Rouge and 2009 Syrah. Pouring our wines through this RoJaus Decanter, the deep red nectar of our burgundy bottles tumbles over the crystal ball allowing the varietal to breath and begin to open up. The oaky aroma of our Syrah or the sweet berry and dark cherry of our Rouge fills the room. Once everything is collected into the elegant glass catch beneath, you can begin to partake in a perfectly aerated wine. As you enjoy your drink, take a long moment and appreciate the the elegant designs and sleek aesthetics of the body of the decanter. On looks alone, the Gemini makes for a fantastic center piece for any home bar, kitchen, or even office if that's where you want to party.



The Wine Enthusiast U Wine Decanter

Also found on, this is our day-to-day decanter. More portable yet equally elegant, this decanter, for us, is the more functional table piece. While the Gemini is a quite stately presentation of aeration, the Wine Enthusiast is simple and graceful and perfect for sharing a bottle or two with a couple of friends, some family, colleagues, or a client. Designed to open the bouquet of your reds immediately through its inner dome, the decanter works similarly to the Gemini, yet without all the frills while yielding all the same aromatic and savory goodness.