Get Your Name on a Bottle of Wine


 Let’s think about some numbers for a moment. In 2012 in California, almost 208 million cases of wine was produced according to the Wine Institute. Amongst all those 2.5 billion bottles somewhere around 3,754 wineries marketed their name on those billions of labels. Amongst them was our boutique, family operation. We are grateful for having the ability to put our family name on our bottles. We a proud. Nevertheless, like any family, we here to be a community and help each other with our goals. Have you ever thought about putting your name on a bottle of wine? Have you ever made a piece of art that you think would make a stunning label design? Have you ever wanted to impress your clients with a bottle with your logo?

With our winery you can join our Wine Club. If you become a member in October or November, your first shipment of exclusive Eristavi wines will be specially labeled with your name right on the bottles.

Another option, and this one is a bit more versatile, is our Custom Label experience. If you ever wanted to design your own bottle of wine, just wanted to have your name on a bottle, or wanted a unique gift we can help you pick a wine, create a label, and ship your own personally branded cases of delicious, one-of-a-kind bottles of wine. Contact us today and let us get your name on a bottle of wine.